If you’re getting tired of energy bars, try these Almond Coconut Stuffed Dates.  We combined almond butter, toasted shredded coconut, and dates to make a high energy trail snack.  The fat from the almond butter and coconut provide long lasting energy and the dates provide the natural sugar kick you need for a quick refueling.  Each stuffed date has about 110 calories — perfect for a rest break.  These are so simple to make, that they barely require a recipe.

Almond Coconut Stuffed Dates – Makes 12

  • 12 dates (pits removed)
  • 1/2 cup almond butter
  • 1/4 cup unsweetened coconut (toasted)

At home:

Carefully remove the pits from the dates.  I make a small slice lengthwise with a pairing knife and slide the pit out. Set the dates aside.  In a bowl, mix the almond butter and coconut.  Using a small spoon, scoop the almond butter mixture in to each date.  One to two teaspoons should fit in to each date, depending on the size.  Stack dates in your favorite airtight container.  Repeat until you’ve stuffed all of the dates.  If you have some almond butter mixture left over, try spreading it on an apply or banana for a snack!

On the trail:

Enjoy! They go great with our spicy roasted pumpkin seeds.