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Pasta with Meat Sauce

It has been a little over two months since our Alpine Climbing class and our summit of Mt. Baker. It’s hard to describe something you never imagined doing – after it has happened. Before I begin sharing my adventure I want to say Thank You to the

Dried Cherries

Cherries make a perfect high energy snack during a long hike. When you take the time to dehydrate them yourself, you will be rewarded with the flavor of summer in each bite. Eat them as is, or mix them in to oatmeal or a homemade gorp. The

Shepherd’s Pie

Savory, comforting and super easy to make.  This classic dish makes a great dinner on a cold evening. For the last two summers B and I have been spending our big vacation getaway taking Alpine Climbing classes from the American Alpine Institute up in Washington State. We

Gluten Free Energy Bars

The usual energy bars, no matter how good, can get old after awhile. This recipe, modified from a great blog –, are great for a snack on a day hike, or you can enjoy them at breakfast on the trail. The mashed bananas and coconut oil

Thanksgiving Dinner on the Trail

A few months ago, B went to Antarctica for school/work and while he was there he learned some snow camping and survival skills. We had been thinking about trying our hand at winter camping, and so his recent trip was the perfect motivator. After camping out in

Beef & Vegetable Stew

On Sunday, B and I headed out to South Tahoe to try and get in one last snowshoe trip of the season. We had been sick with the flu and colds for most of February and were really feeling very angsty about the need to get out.

DIY – Insulated Camp Bowls

A rainy day does not make for good outdoor adventures, but it does provide a great reason to stay inside and prepare for the warmer weather ahead – and the backpacking and climbing that goes with it. Last weekend S and I got together to make insulated

Bedouin Desert Cooking

Last weekend a group of friends and I went out to Donner Summit in North Tahoe for some climbing, camping and some of the best campfire cooking I’ve had in a long time. My friend W. and I cooked tacos on Sunday night, but this blog post

Climber’s Curry

On Sunday I went out to Indian Springs in North Tahoe for some climbing. It was a perfect day. Warm and sunny. The snow was melting and there were even a few waterfalls. Flowers were beginning to bloom and small black lizards came out to sun themselves

Castle Peak Biscuits

In August, my husband and I are taking an Alpine climbing class through the American Alpine Institute – which finishes with a summit of Mt. Baker. While we have been backpacking for more than 10 years, we have never climbed a mountain before. Last week we received