Save money and make your own instant macaroni for your favorite backpacking meals!  If I’d have known how easy it was to make “instant” pasta, I would have done it years ago.  I used to just boil regular pasta on the trail, and feel guilty about draining it out at camp.  These instant noodles are guilt free.  Just had boiling water and they are ready in about 10 minutes.

Choose a small variety of macaroni noodles.  The thicker and larger ones tend to take longer to dry, and sometimes remain chewy after re-hydration.

Cook pasta according to package directions.

cooked macaroni

Spread cooked pasta evenly out on dehydrator trays.

Dehydrate at 135 degrees for 2-4 hours.  Check after each hour.  Stir to make sure it dries evenly.

dehydrated macaroni

Once dry, store in Ziplock bags until you are ready to use on your next adventure.  Add to recipes like Pasta with Meat Sauce or Butternut Squash Mac and Cheese. Use equal parts boiling water to pasta to re-hydrate.  1 cup boiling water to 1 cup dried pasta.