I’m excited about this new feature series on my blog! How many times have you taken a chance on a little known restaurant on your way home from a hike?  Granted, when you’re really hungry, something warm, and cooked by other people is often good enough.  But if you could have truly great food, wouldn’t that be better?  Wondering where to eat on Highway 2: Wallace Falls Cafe.

Wallace Falls Cafe

429 Croft Ave
Gold Bar, WA 98251

We stumbled upon Wallace Falls Cafe after a winter snowshoe trip up to Mount McCausland. From the exterior, Wallace Falls Cafe looks like your usual burger/fries joint, but inside awaits steaming bowls of pho, crispy egg rolls, vermicelli bowls and Vietnamese sandwiches (if you’re not in to Vietnamese food, they also have the usual Americana menu of burgers, soups & salads).

We ordered the Pho, a chicken vermicelli bowl and egg rolls.  All were delicious.  This cafe knows their pho.  If you eat pork, I recommend the Mi Quang Pho.  This dish is their most popular item, and the recipe has been passed down for generations.  Fresh wide rice noodles are topped with roasted peanuts, tender pork ribs, pork meatball, and pork slices.  A huge bowl is 8.95.  With shrimp 9.95.

After a long day in the cold snow, the big bowl of savory broth and crisp, perfectly seasoned egg rolls really hit the spot.  A Vietnamese iced tea provided the needed caffeine for the long drive home.  If you go, let us know what you think in the comments!

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