Goodtogo-chili1On short, last minute trips, when we don’t have time to cook up a batch of our favorite recipes, I like to test out the current backpacking brands on the market.  I saw Good-To-Go featured at the Outdoor Retailer Convention, and thought their recipes looked good.  They seemed to have the same philosophy about backpacking meals as I do, and the flavors sounded good.

It is really hard to keep fresh flavors and good texture when you are mass producing meals, but I was really impressed with Good-To-Go’s Smoked Three Bean Chili.


Here are a few things I really liked:

  • When you open the bag, it smells good! Nice and smoky, with fresh tomato.
  • The texture was great, even in dried form.  Big chunks of tomato, whole beans, and corn.
  • The bag is shallow and has a wide mouth.  If you have ever scraped the last bits of your meal from the bottom of the bag, you know what a great idea this is!  No messy hands!
  • It tasted great at home.  B ended up eating the whole thing for lunch.
  • Their meals are gluten free and vegetarian.

I would definitely recommend Good-to-Go’s Smoked Three Bean Chili to anyone who does not have time to make their own meals, or just wants to change things up.  I look forward to trying their other meals.  You can buy them online at their website, or at local retailers like REI.

If you try them, let me know what you think in the comments.