thaicurry2Spicy curry paste, savory coconut milk, and chunks of chicken make this a perfect dinner for a cool Fall evening in the backcountry.

Back in April, Brook and I both decided to try the Whole 30 challenge.  For a month, we cut out all sugar, dairy, grains, soy, and additives.  The diet forces us to learn some new recipes, and think about how and what we ate differently.  We’ve both added certain foods back in, from time to time, but some we’ve tried to leave behind.  When I started working on new recipes for the trail, I wanted to carry some of that new knowledge over to the new recipes. We ate a lot of Thai Curries (homemade) during the Whole 30 Challenge, and so I thought this would be a natural recipe to adapt for the trail.  I am pretty happy with the results. We ate this on a recent trip out to the Hoover Wilderness.  Despite a low snow year, there was still a fair amount to trek through at the higher elevations.  Our efforts were rewarded with some great views, frozen lakes, and this warm curry in the evening.


Thai Red Curry with Rice

 Serves 2 very hungry people or 3 mildly hungry people

  • 2 Tbsp Red Curry Paste
  • 1 Red bell pepper – dehydrated
  • 1 Green bell pepper – dehydrated
  • 1 small can bamboo shoots – dehydrated
  • 1 can of chicken
  • 1 packet coconut cream powder
  • 1 packet coconut oil or olive oil
  • 1 packet boil in bag rice

Additional items: can opener, insulated camp bowls, stove, pot and a bowl or cup.

At home:

Place 2 Tbsp of red curry paste in it’s own Ziploc.  Seal tight and remove as much air as possible.  Place the dehydrated peppers and bamboo shoots in a second Ziploc bag. For easy storage, place the unopened oil packet and rice in bag with peppers, bamboo shoots, and sealed curry paste.  Seal, removing as much air as you can.  Pack with canned chicken, coconut cream powder, and red curry paste.  I buy pre made curry paste at my local asian market.  You can buy individual packets of Red Curry paste here.

On the trail:

Start by boiling the rice.  Place 2 cups of water in a pan and heat to boiling.  Boil the rice according to package directions.  While rice bowls, empty coconut cream powder in to a bowl.  Once rice is done, place rice in one of your insulated camp bowls and put the lid on.


Pour 1/2 a cup of the bowling water in to the coconut cream powder.  Stir to combine, and set aside.  Discard rest of boiling water.

Place empty pot back on stove.  Empty the oil packet in to your pan.  Heat oil until just shimmering.  Add the curry paste and stir.  Cook paste until it begins to pop and becomes fragrant.


Pour coconut cream in to curry/oil mixture.  Stir.  Add dehydrated vegetables. Stir.  Add can of chicken (including water).  Stir to combine all ingredients.  Bring contents to a boil.  Once boiling, cover and turn down heat to a simmer.  Simmer for 10 minutes.


While the curry simmers, check the pot to make sure there is enough water.  The vegetables will absorb water as they rehydrate.  Add a bit more water if it becomes too thick.


Serve the curry over the rice.

Want a copy of this recipe to print out and take on the trial with you?  Click here for a PDF version.